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God Has A Place For You!


Crime and violence in our cities is on the rise and can only be abated by prayer, the Lord said for us to “ pray without ceasing” (around the clock prayer), He said that “ one shall chase a thousand but two shall chase ten thousand” . We must break the evil hold over our city, the life you save may be your own.

To this end we are asking you to commit to (when possible) praying for 15 minutes at the same time everyday.

Below, we have uploaded 1 document that consists of 5 prayers that you may want to use for this purpose 1 through 4 are from the book “Prayers that avail much”. They have graciously granted us their use through their publishers Germaine Copeland, Prayers That Avail Much (Tulsa: Harrison House Publishers, copyright 1997.) To learn more about this book, please visit

After you have decided what time to pray for your city, click on (Sign Up) and under (Profile Information) include your prayer time so that our Prayer Warriors can cover you in prayer for you as you pray for your city.

We also ask that you come along side us in this battle by copying these prayers and handing them out to everyone you know and asking them to sign up at this web site :

We would like to thank you in advance for your commitment, your prayers, and your concern for your city and the Kingdom Of God . If you are a minister and would like to post some of your biblical teachings and/or prayers on this network, please send us a message.

In His Service,
Pastor Melvin L. White, Founder

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Download All (5) Five Prayers Here



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